Autopilot for your legal documents

Use our digital platform to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow. It makes you efficient, gives you a greater overview, and it enables you to maximise the value of your legal work – to achieve better contracts.
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Save time and money

{Contract Automation} Streamline your entire contract lifecycle

Reduce the amount of time you spend from start to finish on contracts and any other legal documents up to 80% so you can get back to what matters: your employees, prospects and customers.

  • Create contracts faster with your own templates
  • Auto populate you legal documents with our integrated CRM
  • Collaborate on contracts in real-time
  • Setup approval workflows in seconds

Document Automation

Simple enough to anyone to use

With Juridoc it takes just seconds to automate and streamline your document creation process by creating custom templates. 


Integrated with your CRM

Using templates and our powerful integrations, you can choose the document you want to send, automatically fill it with key employee and company details, and send it securely in less than a minute.

Error Free Juridoc

100% error free

No more errors by entering the same information several times, with Juridoc, you only have to enter each information once. Even better, we check for you information like CPF, CNPJ or address.

Collaboration Juridoc

Facilitate teamwork

{Control} Maximize Compliance

Improve collaboration and avoid trouble creating approval workflows in seconds with one or multiple approvers in order to make sure that you send the right document, 100% error-free, to your recipient.

Workflow Juridoc

Setup approval workflows

Workflows make it easy to update approvals with one or several people and automatically push updates to everywhere in seconds.

Permission Juridoc

Advanced access control and user permissions

Maintain granular control of your data and access rights to protect confidentiality and mitigate risk.


Version control

View all versions of a document in chronological and quickly compare previous versions.

Close deals faster

{Negotiate} Real-time contract negotiation

Build trust with partners and find consensus faster with true real-time contract negotiation. No more emailing contracts back-and-forth or waiting on Legal. Juridoc helps you control in real time the progress of your process and makes negotiating contracts smarter.

  • Negotiate with counterparties in one place
  • Capture negotiation points and suggestions
  • Focus attention on key issues to be resolved
  • Full control of comment and change visibility

Negotiate and Sign in real time
Negotiate Juridoc

Online editing and negotiation with track changes

Redline and edit your contracts online, directly in the document, with all changes tracked.

Collaboration Juridoc

Intuitive collaboration

Juridoc allows sales reps, managers, legal counsel, and clients to come together during the contract negotiation process, eliminating the frustration of managing contract negotiation via email.

IA Juridoc

Increase your chance of success with A.I.

Juridoc will make negotiating contracts smarter with Artificial Intelligence. The more you use your templates, the more Juridoc will help you in your negotiation process to close deals faster.

Accelerate your documents cycle

{Sign} Sign documents in minutes

Boost efficiency and avoid contract delays without sacrificing legalities by leveraging eSignatures. No more printing and your document has the same legal value as a paper contract. Easy, safe and compliant.

  • No more paper Automate signature process
  • Send automatic reminders to counterparts to sign
  • Legal and secure

No Paper Juridoc

No more paper

Get contracts and agreements signed faster and eliminate the need to download, print or email a document back-and-forth.

Digital signature Juridoc

Automated signing process

With Juridoc, you can send a document to multiple signers in a specific order with a single click. Once the document is sent, you can track it as each signer views and completes the document in turn.

Secure Juridoc

Legal and secure

Our electronic signatures are compliant with ISO 27001 and are compatible with 25 countries. We keep your data secure with 256-bit SSL. Your documents are sent using encrypted links and no data is disclosed to third parties.

Increase your productivity

{Organize} Manage your documents with ease

Create unlimited documents and templates on our secure Amazon servers. Our smart filters allow you to create personalized search to always find what you are looking for.

  • Store documents in a central, searchable repository
  • Unlimited documents and templates
  • Access control
  • Secure data and documents

Organize all your documents with Juridoc

Unlimited documents and templates

No matter in which plan you are in, we guarantee you an unlimited number of documents and templates accessible everywhere, at any time.

Secure Platform Juridoc

Secure data and documents

We protect user data and sensitive files on one of the most sophisticated cloud document platforms in the world. Juridoc users’ information is fully encrypted, with regular backups and stored constantly to ensure accessibility and security.

Access Control Juridoc

Access control

Control access to your documents and folders. They can be public or shared only with people specific to your business. You can also decide to sell your templates in our marketplace and make money from it.

Reminders Juridoc

Improve performance

{Monitor} Be informed in real time

Get reminders to never miss deadlines again like expiration dates, contract renewals or when you need to to sign a document. Our contract analytics dashboard provides you a complete visibility into your contract and legal documents portfolio and your end-to-end contract lifecycle.

  • Track important contract milestones.
  • Never miss expiration and renewal dates again
  • Benchmark and speed up contract cycle time
  • Empower your team with greater insight


Expiration and renewal alerts

Most documents are valid for a limited time only. With our expiration feature, you have full flexibility to set and adjust the expiration date for any document you and your team members send.

Reminder Juridoc

Smart reminders

In many cases, a few follow-up reminders are needed to make recipients review and sign a contract or other legal doc. With Juridoc set up automatic reminders so that you can save time and close deal faster.

Monitoring Juridoc

Analytics & reporting

Always know how many documents you have and what stage they´re in. and get comprehensive insights into your entire legal documents portfolio.

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