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Your team deserves a truly collaborative and intelligent contract management solution. With Juridoc, you can create, approve, negotiate, sign and store all your legal documents on a single and safe digital platform to save a ton of time and money and secure compliance.

Negotiate and sign in real-time

Instead of the usual back-and-forth, Juridoc lets you work collaboratively online.

Stay on top of approvals & renewals

Juridoc makes it simple to follow your contracts, from drafts to previously executed documents.

Automate your docs in minutes, not hours

Reduce the amount of time you spend from start to finish on contracts up to 80%.

Workflow that works for everyone

Give your team the ability to quickly create, send, and track docs within an approval system that works for everyone.

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A contract management platform for better legal documents

Collaborate Juridoc

Create and collaborate with your team

Create contracts from scratch or use an existing template. Share drafts and collaborate with colleagues or lawyers to make sure that all your legal work is in order.
Negotiation Juridoc

Close deals faster with real time negotiation

Build trust with partners and find consensus faster with true real-time contract negotiation. No more emailing back-and-forth or waiting on Legal.
Signature Juridoc

Sign all your documents in minutes

Boost efficiency and avoid contract delays by leveraging eSignatures. No more printing and your document has the same legal value as a paper contract.

Winning teams use Juridoc

Testimonial Juridoc

Great & easy to use product

My company struggled to find a contract management product that didn’t cost thousands of dollars. Juridoc very nicely meets that criteria and comes with wonderful features. The reminders are extremely helpful. I never have to worry about missing a deadline as long as my contracts are uploaded in Juridoc. Great product that we will continue to use!

Mathilda Maya
Vp of Sales and Operations – Diamantine

Testimonial Juridoc

User friendly with good functionality

The software has helped us to reduce the number of errors and the time to draw up a contract. I wish we could automate all of our processes like we have for contract management with Juridoc! We also needed a way to stay on top of deadlines for renewals and terminations, and found the perfect solution. So far, this product has been amazing!

Paul Froissard
Founder – Champagne Froissard


We have plans for everyone. An easy-to-use solution for small businesses and a higher functioning but still easy-to-use product for midsize and larger firms.
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Beat the competition using Juridoc

For Legal Teams

Faster, more efficient contracts and flawless compliance

Gain perfect compliance by guaranteeing all processes are respected in the contract lifecycle. Juridoc automates the processes for all legal documents in one place, increase collaboration and empower internal teams.

For Sales Team

Increase revenue and savings through efficiency

Close more deals, faster by using contracts templates to remove legal delays. Juridoc enables you to collaborate and negotiate on a contract directly and helps you to become a better negotiator with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

For H.R Teams

Save time creating, completing, and filing your most important H.R documents 

Save time creating, completing, and filing your most important human resources documents with Juridoc. Control document access by role or department. Track all HR documents per employee from a central dashboard once you have sent them.

Stop wasting time. Save money. Manage your legal documents using Juridoc.

Say Goodbye to manual document creation!