Our Team

Maxime Troubat - Juridoc.com.br

Maxime Troubat


Maxime is responsible for the company’s business development and communication. Before launching juridoc.com.br, he participated in the creation and development of its digital communication agency Airyourvoice, where he had the opportunity to accompany many entrepreneurs in the development and implementation of their strategies and project developments. Maxime began his career at Petrossian in Paris. He graduated from Reims Management School.

Adrien Millat-Juridoc.com.br

Adrien Millat


Adrien is responsible for the legal development especially through the partnerships established with the lawyers supporting our project. Resident in Brazil for three years, he works as a consultant for law firms and companies. In France and in the United States he has worked as a lawyer for law firms specialized in business law and in the legal sector of international companies and investment banks. He has a law degree from Aix en Provence Law School, with specialization in Business Law and International Business Law and Management from ESSEC Business School.

Silas Balmante

Silas Balmante


Silas is responsible for integrating internal products with external AWS solutions among several other legal consultation APIs. Develops and improves primary applications integrating checkouts, digital signature of documents, chatbots, artificial intelligence and blockchain. With over 11 years of experience in software development, it also assists in making technical decisions and choosing the best technologies for the company’s current scenario.

Felipe Novak Juridoc

Felipe Haddad Novak


Felipe, Partner Lawyer at NPLAW, post-graduated in Corporate Law from INSPER, graduated from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, with 7 (seven) years of professional experience in Corporate and Business Law in offices specialized in serving Startups and companies already consolidated; Member of the Legal Studies Group of CJE / FIESP; Angel Investor and Mentor of Startups in Inovativa (SEBRAE) and Founder Institute.