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Eligible startups get advanced Juridoc features at a 90% discount (up to one year).
Early Stage Program

Great contract management start with Juridoc

Start it, use it, love it

Juridoc is the one tool you need to manage all your contracts with your teams and your clients across every step of the lifecycle of your documents

Easy to set up, even easier to use

Easy to set up, even easier to use

Onboard in minutes and start creating, negotiating and signing contracts in minutes instead of months

Built and priced for early-stage startups

Built and priced for early-stage startups

Access a robust suite of tools to manage all of your legal documents, at a price that fits your budget

Manage all of your documents in one place

Negociar e assinar em tempo real

Seus colaboradores trabalhando lado a lado em tempo real.

Facilite aprovações e renovações

Controle total desde o rascunho até a pós-execução do contrato.

Documentos em minutos, não horas

Reduza o tempo gasto com contratos em todo o processo - em até 80%.

Fluxo de trabalho para a sua equipe

Sistema que permite criar, enviar e rastrear contratos rapidamente.

“Super and easy to use. My company had a hard time finding a contract management product that didn’t cost thousands of dollars. Juridoc meets these criteria very well and offers many features. Reminders are extremely useful. I am never afraid of missing a deadline since my contracts are sent to Juridoc. Excellent product that we will continue to use!”

Mathilda Maya. Co-founder & CTO

Mathilda Maya

Eligibility Requirements

Early stage

✓ Up to $1M in funding and less than 2 years old

New customer

✓ Currently not a Juridoc customer

Small Team

✓ Less than 20 employees


✓ The ONG are accepted in this program

Faster growth starts with Juridoc