Juridoc for Legal Teams

Accelerate contract review, increase compliance, eliminate manual contract-related tasks and streamline documentation

Solve problems, don’t just negotiate contracts.

As part as a company legal team or a lawyer, you help your colleagues identify and mitigate risks in the course of their work, but are increasingly tied up in low-value activities like reviewing legal documents or contracts.

Streamlining legal operations involves empowering business users to safely execute recurring contracts themselves, so you can stay focussed on high-value activities.

Who use Juridoc Legal?


Control document access by role or department. Track all legal documents and contracts from a central dashboard. Intervene only when necessary on the negotiation process and close deal faster with online signature.


Speed up the process of creating documents up to 80% than if done manually. By reducing the time spent on administrative tasks you can focus more on actually practicing law and serving your clients. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Junior Lawyers

Set up approval workflows in minutes to review documents and contracts with associates and partners before sending them to your clients without back and forth email and word documents revisions and increase compliance by 100%.

Why choose Juridoc Legal?

Drive efficiency and compliance through automation

Standardize and automate manual contract tasks to increase efficiency and optimize your processes, eliminate administrative work, and take the legal team from tactical to strategic.

Gain 100% visibility into every contract and confidence that protocols and processes are followed. If processes change push updates out to the entire organization in seconds.

Prove the value of legal with reporting and analytics

Use your dashboard as a revenue center by leveraging the data in your contracts to drive success and deliver value and close deals faster.

Get complete visibility into your entire contract portfolio—every contract from every department—and know exactly how many contracts you have and in what stage.

Increase collaboration and empower internal teams

Make it easier to collaborate on documents with teams internally and externally and across the entire lifecycle of a contract.

Streamline and simplify the entire contract process and change the perception of Legal to partner and enabler, helping teams move fast without creating risk.

Learn Juridoc in no time

Juridoc is designed to reduce the time required for deployment and training.  Our Smart Editor has been conceived to help you start creating and sending documents within minutes of your first login.

All the things you need have been thought of to make your life easier, what else?


Integrated Juridod


Juridoc integrates with the top business tools you use every day. Manage documents from within every major CRM and combine them with our storage solutions to help consolidate tools.

Efficient GDPR-Tool


A-Z Contract management


Encrypted Juridoc

Encrypted information storage

Juridoc user data is completely encrypted, backed up regularly, and stored tightly to ensure accessibility and security. We protect all your confidential files and user data.
Secure Connection Juridoc

Secure Connection

Signature Juridoc

Traceable e-signatures

Testimonial Juridoc

Great & easy to use product

My company struggled to find a contract management product that didn’t cost thousands of dollars. Juridoc very nicely meets that criteria and comes with wonderful features. The reminders are extremely helpful. I never have to worry about missing a deadline as long as my contracts are uploaded in Juridoc. Great product that we will continue to use!

Mathilda Maya
Vp of Sales and Operations – Diamantine

Testimonial Juridoc

User friendly with good functionality

The software has helped us to reduce the number of errors and the time to draw up a contract. I wish we could automate all of our processes like we have for contract management with Juridoc! We also needed a way to stay on top of deadlines for renewals and terminations, and found the perfect solution. So far, this product has been amazing!

Paul Froissard
Founder – Champagne Froissard

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